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Orca (Orca Orcinus), Chews On Ray On Sea Floor In Green Water. New Zealand

TW019_0017 (16 seconds)

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Camera Format: DVCam PAL 4:3
Master Format: SD Digital File PAL 4:3
Delivery Options: DV (Cross Platform) PAL 4:3
Subject: Fish, Mammal, Animal, Wildlife, Wild, Water, Wild-Life, Wild Life, Wild Animals, Wild Animal, Underwater, Underwater Worlds, Underwater World, Two, Two Animals, To Fall, To Drop, Seas, Seas And Oceans, Sealife, Sea-Life, Sea Creature, Sea Creatures, Sea Animal, Sea Animals, Sea, Seafloor, Seabed, Sea-Floor, Sea-Bed, Sea Floor, Sea Bottom, Rays, Ray, Pair, Pacific Islands, Outside, Outdoors, Oceanic Climate, Ocean, Oceanic, Oceania, Orcinus Orca, Orcas, Orca, Newzealand, Naturally, Natural Habitats, Natural Habitat, Natural Environments, Natural Environment, New Zealand, Nature, Natural World, Natural Worlds, Natural Phenomenon, Natural Phenomena, Mature, Maritime Climate, Maritime, Marine Life, Marine Animal, Marine Animals, Marine, Marine-Life, Mammals, Mammal, Mammalia, Landscape, Killer Whales, Killer Whale, In The Wild, Horizontals, Horizontal, Habitats, Habitat, Gvs, Gv, Gv'S, General View, General Views, Fully Grown, Full Length, Flen, Fish, Fishes, Feeding, Falling, Fall, Free, Eating, Dropping, Drop, Down, Dolphins, Delphinus Dephis, Days, Day, Dolphin, Cetacea, Colour, Colour Images, Colour Image, Color Image, Color Images, Color, Cetacean, Cetaceans, Blackfish, Animal Themes, Animal Theme, Adult Animal, Adult, Adult Animals, Animal, Animals, Animalia, Animal Group, Animal Age, 2, Nobody, Ray, Killer Whale, Orca
The Shot: Track, Close Up
Action: Play, Hunt, Travel, Feed
Environment: Underwater, South Pacific Ocean, Australasia, Temperate, Sand, New Zealand, Day

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