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A Large Marbled Stingray Lies On Coral Reef Floor, As Camera Tracks Closer The Stingray Begins To Swim Towards And Past The Camera.

TO003_0322 (34 seconds)

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Camera Format: HDV 1080i50
Master Format: HD Digital File 1080i50
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Subject: Juvenile, Fish, Animal, Symmetrical, Irregular, Colorful, Spot, Stripe, Texture, Uniform, Silhouette, Asymmetrical, Purple, Pink, Orange, Magenta, Grey, Silver, Green, Brown, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Black, Taeniura Meyeni, Pastinachus, Hypolophus, Dasyatis, Dasyatidae, Pastinachus Sephen, Manta Birostris, Ceratoptera Alfredi, Manta Alfredi, Whip-Like Tail, Marbled Stingray, Marbled Whipray, Speckled Stingray, Round Ribbontail Ray, Fantail Stingray, Fantail Ray, Blotched Fantail Ray, Black-Blotched Stingray, Black Spotted Stingray, Black Spotted Ray, Bull Ray Barb, Giant Reef Ray, Marbled Ribbontail Ray, Marbled Ray, Devilfish, Pacific Manta, Largest Species Of The Rays, Manta Ray, Pal, New Life, Marine Life, Life, Hdv 1080i50, Hdv, Enviroment Habitat , Eco-System, 16:9' Widescreen, 16, Subtropical Waters, Drop Offs, Indo-Pacific, Tropical Fish, Tropical Waters, 16:9, Zooplankton, Coral Reef Habitat, Drab Stingray, Anana-Tail Ray, Rays, Grooming, Cleaning Station, Thick Mucus Body Coating, Vestigial Teeth, Filter Feeders, Bottom Feeders, Manta, Single, Pair, Group-Small
The Shot: Low Angle, Pan, Wide Shot, Travel, Reveal, Track
Action: Searching, Food, Exciting, Gliding, Mass, Millions, Rare, Unique, Dramatic, Group Behaviour, Incredible, Beautiful, Awesome, Top, The Best, Action, Cleaner Fish, Cleaning Station, Underwater Photography, Human Interaction, Sport Diving, Tourist Diving, Scuba Divers, Padi Divers, Divers, Showing Off, Performing, Swooping, Flying, Display, Parent, Travel, Hide, Flee, Groom, Feed, Rest
Environment: Underwater, South Pacific Ocean, Summer, Palau, Tropical, Marine Sanctuary, Coral Reef, Sand, Oceania, Micronesia, Palau, German Channel , Day

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