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Barberfish Cleans A Gaftop Sail Paompano

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Clip Details:
Camera Format: DVCam NTSC 16:9
Master Format: SD Digital File NTSC 16:9
Delivery Options: DV (Cross Platform) NTSC 16:9
SD Uncompressed NTSC 16:9
SD Uncompressed PAL 16:9
Subject: Spot, Fish, Animal, Black, Yellow, Trachinotus Rhodopus, Johnrandallia nigrirostris, Gaftop Sail Pompano, Butterflyfish, Barberfish, Pair
The Shot: Wide Shot
Action: Clean, Groom
Environment: Underwater, North America, Summer, Mexico, Baja California, Sea Of Cortez, Gulf Of California, Rocky Reef, Day

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