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AMP012_0001  (12 sec)
prince william sound, oil spill, exxon valdez, Rocky Shore, Resource Extraction, Pollution, Petroleum
AL06_076  (8 sec)
OPS001_0264  (11 sec)
Sea Anemone, Pink Anemonefish
AMP010_0008  (26 sec)
sea ice, safety, rescue, regulation, navigation, military, marine safety, industry, ice floe, ice, coast guard, Bow, Boat
RMY03_030  (40 sec)
Red Sea Anemonefish, Bubble Anemone, Long-Arm Cleaner Shrimp
LF07_060  (29 sec)
DW011_0064  (15 sec)
Tropical Paradise , Vacation, Tourism, Beach
NW51_062  (15 sec)
GK03_138  (18 sec)
OPS001_0265  (8 sec)
Red And Black Sea Cucumber
BIP015_0109  (22 sec)
Blackbird, Rookery, Northern Elephant Seal
NW54_014  (26 sec)
AMP004_0011  (9 sec)
Celebration, Event, Culture, Marina, Port, Harbor, boats, docks, fishing communities, fisheries, commercial fisheries, Commercial fishing
BIP003_0062  (31 sec)
Dock, Harbor Seal
BIP014_0577  (15 sec)
Destination, Tourism, Harbor, Seascape, Sailboat, Monterey
TE01_124  (17 sec)
Eggs, Ornate Ghost Pipefish
DR54_061  (15 sec)
BG103_094  (1 sec)
Forest, Creek
BIP017_0344  (30 sec)
Bridge, Landmark, Geographic United States California San FranciscoMiscellaneous Location Bay Miscellaneous Building Bridge Miscellaneous Transportation Boat
BIP003_0156  (28 sec)
Salt Marsh, Canada Goose
MHAN008_0001  (32 sec)
BG146_0001  (23 sec)
Playground, Recreation, Park
BG156_0042  (22 sec)
Seascape, Waves, Rocky Shore, Rugged Coast
DZ102_004  (25 sec)
Diving Bird, Thick Billed Murre, Common Murre, Murre, Marine Bird, Seabird, cineflex
NW42_007  (25 sec)
Soft Coral
KG001_0366  (24 sec)
Hippocampus Denise, Pygmy Seahorse Denise
JA040_0174  (15 sec)
Wildlife Viewing, Animal Watching, Eco-Tour, Habitat, Exercise, Paddle, Kayaker, Kayak, Rafting, Raft, Pinniped, Animal Colony, Marine Mammal, Marine Mammal Protection Act, Mmpa
BG138_0002  (23 sec)
Clouds, Sunrise, Fog, Cliff, Coast
AMP013_0001  (29 sec)
Pier, Building, Waves, Wind, Storm
JWI06_014  (4 sec)
RSO013_0110  (20 sec)
Auk, Atlantic Puffin, Puffin, Fratercula Arctica
BG131_0076  (21 sec)
Waves, Rocky Shore, Rugged Coast
BG138_0016  (38 sec)
Sunset, Redwood Forest, Coast, Fog
RSO013_0108  (12 sec)
Auk, Atlantic Puffin, Puffin, Fratercula Arctica
RSO013_0106  (14 sec)
Auk, Atlantic Puffin, Puffin, Fratercula Arctica
NW65_009  (27 sec)
Pencil Urchin, Scallop, Brittle Star
ABE003_0316  (19 sec)
PCO08_028  (14 sec)
Seabird, Gannet
RGU011_0042  (33 sec)
Resource Extraction, Energy, Pollution, Oil Spill, Britishpetroleum, Bp
NW43_018  (17 sec)
ABE003_0217  (9 sec)
GH02_097  (7 sec)
Rip Tides
GHU038_0012  (43 sec)
Queensland, Double Island, Pacific, Beach, Waves, Scenic, Shore, Shoreline, Coastal, Coast, Sea, Ocean, Ocean Waves, Sunset, Dusk, Shells, Seashell, Sea Shell
GHU038_0014  (33 sec)
Queensland, Double Island, Pacific, Beach, Waves, Scenic, Shore, Shoreline, Coastal, Coast, Sea, Ocean, Ocean Waves, Sunset, Dusk, Shells, Seashell, Sea Shell
OPS001_0233  (14 sec)
Town, Harbor
GK021_1135  (27 sec)
MBO002_0085  (30 sec)
Brown Volute
NW36_070  (10 sec)
Sea Lion, Bat Star
GK019_0462  (18 sec)
Pied Oystercatcher
NW21_050  (21 sec)
AC04_082  (17 sec)
NW71_003  (28 sec)
Scuba Diving, Soft Coral, Photography
AF004_0496  (10 sec)
Sea Anemone
BIP003_0196  (19 sec)
Pollution, Some Stack, Power Plant
AR005_0223  (14 sec)
Videography, Film Making
BIP001_0058  (19 sec)
NW37_001  (10 sec)
Metridium, Giant White Plumed Anemone, Giant Kelp
BIP003_0184  (11 sec)
Spiny Brittle Star, Nudibranch
CMO02_036  (9 sec)
Blood, Bait, Chum
BG131_0055  (21 sec)
Vacation, Canoe, Tourism
BG158_0061  (20 sec)
Sunbeams, Horizon, Seascape, Beach, Palm Tree, Silhouette, Sunrise
ACA017_0051  (23 sec)
Bait, School, Blue Water, Light Rays, Sun Ray
KKA014_0251  (20 sec)
Palm Tree, Beach, Shore
BIP001_0800  (24 sec)
Canoe, Boat, Beach, Subsistence Fishing, Culture
KW076_0133  (6 sec)
Kealakekua-Bay, Hawaii, Shore, Coast, Water, Sea, Ocean, Turquoise, Rock, Lava, Black-Lava, Frolic, Rest, Butterfly, Yellow-Butterflies
DI01_042  (14 sec)
Silver Trevally
BG132_0032  (29 sec)
Palm Tree
AMP011_0012  (9 sec)
work boat, industry, commercial, boats
EC03_074  (38 sec)
White Eyed Moray Eel
RY004_0039  (33 sec)
JS02_075  (7 sec)
Rock Formation, Thrift, Wildflower, Rugged Coast
JSHA001_0089  (30 sec)
Culture, Celebration, Lights, Holiday, Christmas
JSHA001_0280  (43 sec)
Pedestrian, Bicycle, Tourism, Pier
JWI12_169  (25 sec)
Sunrise, Element, Clouds
JWI12_196  (19 sec)
Sunrise, Element
JWI35_104  (11 sec)
Tourism, Boat, Sunset
KKA013_0461  (15 sec)
Mountain, Bay
KKA017_0106  (43 sec)
Seafood, Fish Processing, Industry, Knife, Fish Market, Tuna, Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan
KKA019_0474  (19 sec)
Boardwalk, Coastal Town, Tourism
KKA03_051  (20 sec)
Ferry, Bridge
Viewing 1 to 80 of 19130 Lock Shot Video Clips
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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